We at the National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Training Center, provide our students with a smooth life. We provide them with all the basic necessities of life. We make our students self dependent responsible citizens of the country. We teach them to use computer, braille, typing braille, shorthand along with options for tracking and accessing financial information. We enable our student who are visually or physically impaired to walk along the normals and lead a healthy and normal life just like others.


We at National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Training Center, provide our student with braille skills, We evaluate students on their Braille skills and also provide appropriate individualized curriculum designed for each student. The skills we teach here are as follows:-

     We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced Braille skills to our students

     We teach them the practical use of Braille by labeling, phone numbers, playing cards etc.

     We make use of refreshable Braille display, Braille embossers, Braille translation software, etc


Sports of all kinds play a major role in an individual's well-being. It not just keeps diseases of all kinds away but also helps in building up all our senses and helps in the overall development of the body. Thus we include a sport like cricket in the curriculum of our students.

     We teach them about cricket, kabaddi, Carrom Board etc

     we also teach them about all Indoor and Outdoor Sports Games.

Computer Education

We understand that each individual is different and unique in their own way. Thus we provide lessons designed to suit the needs of individual students. Following are the list of lessons we provide our student with.

     We teach our students the basic computer usage

     Basic Word processing and more application are commonly used.

     We teach them to how to send an E-mail and also teach them about internet and also how to use internet. We also teach them how to download music and more.

Financial Management

We provide our students with financial management skills that enables them to pay their own bills and rent etc. We assign each of our students with a teacher who acts as a financial adviser who helps the student manage their business affairs. We provide instructions and teach the following.

     We provide self advocacy skills to our students.

     We teach them everything about how to pay bills

     We help them learn to keep a check record.

     We teach them budgeting.

Typing & Braille Shorthand

We have a typing institute here at the National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Training Center, we maintain the acceptable standards of typing and teach our students to do the same. The training of typing and braille shorthand includes.

     Standard Keyboard typing

     Other subsets of specialized typing.

Pre-Vocational Skill

We provide pre-vocational training to our students and enable them to learn how to apply to a college, gain access to books, hire readers etc, Some of the skills and training we provide our students includes

     We provide exceptional training in Pre- Vocational Skills

     We help them to explore job opportunities

     We teach them to fill job Applications

     We provide training in resume writing and teach them about Interviewing skills


We provide our students with travel training in local area. We basically emphasis on providing practical application of skills, some of these includes:

     We teach them about human guide and address finding Skills

     We teach them about Route Planning

     Our students learn to travel by local bus

     We also train them in Train Traveling


Yoga improves the holistic health of body and soul of the individual. We provide our students with yoga training so that their endurance and core strength improves. Yoga like ashtagna, power yoga, vinyasa yoga etc keeps the body in constant motion between poses thus acting as a strenuous cardiovascular workout.