Welcome To National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Center

National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Training Center (Rashtriya prigya Drishti Sansthan) located in Rohini, New Delhi, was established on the 9th of August 2000. The firm was built in order to help the blind people providing vocational training, Braille, computer education, typing, training along with other facilities to uplift the lifestyles of people who are impaired due to blindness.

The establishment for the blind began as a small firm with only 5 students and now gradually spreading its wings successfully to 60 odd students from different walks of life and stands as a large organization. Almost 10 to 15 student from the 60 get jobs by the end of the training. We provide quality training to our students so that they can successfully lead their lives themselves, with less help from others. We thus help make these visually impaired students self dependent to some extent and help them lead a normal life. Our center, National Blind Adult Education & vocational Training, is open to all, We open our arms to anybody belonging to any religion, caste or race without any discrimination since we beliefs lie in secularism.

The institution was founded by Mr. Tej Ram Sharma, the son of Mr. Paras Ram Sharma. Mr Tej Ram Sharma himself is blind and impaired of vision. The respected founder hails from the very beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir and is a graduate in B.A in Pol. Science. Belonging to a poverty struck family, Mr. Tej Ram Sharma has led a life filled with extreme struggles as a blind and thus always dreamed to provide a beautiful life to those who can not see.

Here is a little message from the founder

“I Tej Ram Sharma, make an appeal to every individual out there who wants to help the needy, after you have gone through this website, do visit my institution and after having a look at the situation of these students offer your help. I too am blind but I live a self dependent life of my own away from my family. The donation provided by you will go to the help of the blind people here and others who are in need of help. We have received a great amount of help from some kind people of Pooth Kalan village, Delhi – 86 who have donated a piece of land to develop the organization.”