Welcome To National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Center

Welcome To National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Center

We all are aware that most of us are not as lucky to be able to see the beautiful grandeur of this world in all its colors. Yes we are talking about those who are visually impaired, these people face a dreadful life that makes them dependable on others for every little task, making them vulnerable.

We, at, National Blind Adult Education & vocational Training Center (Rashtriya prigya Drishti Sansthan), provide these helpless people with shelter and vocational training along with computer education, braille, training in typing etc to make them self dependent so that they can fetch themselves a job and lead a normal and happy life.

It all began with Mr.Tej Ram Sharma who himself is impaired of vision, but with a vision to help all who are struggling due to a similar fate. His vision took shape and now stands as National Blind Adult Education & Vocational Training Center that has been helping many in New Delhi by teaching them to smile. Read More

Why We Are ?

The RPD Sansthan provides education, care and support to pupils with visual impairment, including those who have additional support needs and those with complex multiple disabilities. We provide an education service offering support, training, lending of resources, advice and direct input to staff in mainstream schools who are working with visually impaired pupils.